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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

March 4 Green Energy News

Headline News:

  • Scientists have installed ocean acidity sensors in Alaska, in the Kachemak Bay. Ocean water acidification is due to high levels of carbon dioxide that are absorbed by the water and this leads to lowering the pH levels in addition to climate change. Lower pH levels of the seawater have been proved to negatively impact marine animals. [Health Thoroughfare]
Kachemak Bay, Alaska

Kachemak Bay, Alaska

  • Scientists have found dramatically declining snowpack across the American West over the past six decades that will likely cause water shortages in the region that cannot be managed by building new reservoirs, according to a study led by researchers from Oregon State University and the University of California, Los Angeles. [The Register-Guard]
  • More than $200 million worth of materials are expected to arrive in Puerto Rico this month to help the Army Corps of Engineers hit its goal of 95% power restoration goal by the end of the month. Over 7,000 poles and nearly 400 miles of conductor wire are expected in the next two weeks, the Corps district commander said. [CNN]
  • In four burglaries, 600 bitcoin mining computers, valued at nearly $2 million, were stolen in Iceland. Authorities have already arrested 11 people, but have not recovered the machines. Reportedly, police are monitoring electric usage throughout the country, as the computers will use a lot of electricity when they are turned on. [CryptoGlobe]
  • A geothermal energy park, about 50 miles from Nairobi, sits over the East African Rift, a huge fracture in the earth’s crust that also cuts through Tanzania, Uganda, Ethiopia, and other countries. Steam from the area helped generate 47% of Kenya’s electricity in 2015, with hydropower, at nearly 35%, generating much of the rest. [The Independent]

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