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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

February 23 Green Energy News

Headline News:

  • Conservationists say two iconic New Hampshire animals, moose and loons, show how climate change will reshape the region. On the same day they talked about their research at the Audubon Society in Concord, New Hampshire set new records for winter warmth. It was 48° on the snowless Mount Washington summit. [New Hampshire Public Radio]
Loons (Credit: AcrylicArtist | Morguefile)

Loons (Credit: AcrylicArtist | Morguefile)

  • “How General Electric gambled on fossil fuel power, and lost” • Last March, executives at GE’s power-plant business gave Wall Street a surprisingly bullish forecast for the year. Despite flat demand for new natural gas power plants, they said, GE Power’s revenue and profit would rise. But GE’s forecast turned out to be a mirage. [Daily Times]
  • Solar storage batteries are projected to grow at a rate of up to 300%. The news is that a battery manufacturing plant will be built in South Australia, and a residential battery power rebate will also kick off in that state. German battery maker Sonnen will have its new manufacturing plant near Adelaide, creating hundreds of jobs. [Tech Guide]
  • Coal power plants are likely to end up as underutilized or stranded assets in 10 years or less, given the rapid pace of renewables, a top official of First Philippine Holdings said. As more renewables come onto the grid, the shape of demand changes, and renewable-energy technology, though intermittent, can adapt better than coal. [Business Mirror]
  • In a win for solar power in New York, the state’s Public Service Commission released an order expected to encourage more communities to pursue shared solar projects. It increases the maximum size of community solar projects eligible for credits from 2 MW to 5 MW. This is expected to reduce soft costs of solar power. [Natural Resources Defense Council]

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