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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

March 25 Green Energy News

Headline News:

  • President Donald Trump has announced that he is granting approval to the controversial Keystone XL Pipeline. Trump said the 1,900-mile pipeline, which will cross much of the Great Plains in a path from Alberta to the Gulf of Mexico, will be “the first of many infrastructure projects” he believes will stimulate jobs. [National Geographic]
Pipes near Cushing, Oklahoma (Photo: Larry W Smith, EPA)

Pipes near Cushing, Oklahoma (Photo: Larry W Smith, EPA)

  • “Keystone XL is no done deal” • On paper, the TransCanada Corporation has obtained the Trump administration’s blessings to add hundreds of miles of pipeline through the Midwest. It is a permission twice denied by President Barack Obama two years ago, but it’s premature to assume the project will actually get built. [Baltimore Sun]
  • Beijing and the entire surrounding province of Hebei will be planting trees and creating new greenbelts, according to reports. The idea is apparently to leverage existing rivers, wetlands, mountains, and open spaces, to create a “green necklace” that will help to reduce smog problems, the Hebei government has revealed. [CleanTechnica]
  • Three European transmission system operators have signed a trilateral agreement this week that intends to develop a large renewable European electricity system in the North Sea. It is expected that the North Sea Wind Power Hub could supply as many as 70 to 100 million people in Europe with renewable energy by 2050. [CleanTechnica]
  • Myron Ebell, the longtime climate-science denier who led President Donald Trump’s pre-inauguration EPA transition team, says Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is among the “swamp creatures” that have infiltrated the president’s administration. Tillerson has supported keeping the US in the Paris climate agreement. [Huffington Post]

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1 comment to March 25 Green Energy News

  • Thank you for your tireless and principled work, George. I appreciate your blog for the bright spots in the news cycle on a daily basis, but was moved to write after reading your resolution passed in the Brattleboro Town Meeting. I hope that by next year we will have some answers and consequences to our questions about the Trump administration, but if not, I hope we will see a lot more resolutions like yours passed across the state.

    Thanks again.

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