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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

January 26 Energy News

Headline News:

  • The Trump administration is examining the EPA’s website to determine what information will be allowed to remain. This underscores concerns that climate change and other scientific data might be removed. EPA employees have been instructed not to release press releases, publish blog posts, or post anything on social media. [CNN]
Scientists at rally (Marcio Jose Sanchez / AP / File)

Scientists at rally (Marcio Jose Sanchez / AP / File)

  • The first tweets appeared quietly, mid-Tuesday afternoon, with a 21st-century declaration of defiance. “Mr Trump, you may have taken us down officially. But with scientific evidence & the Internet our message will get out.” Get out it did. One day later, the post had been retweeted by 22,000 people and liked by nearly 42,000. [Christian Science Monitor]
  • Deepwater Wind LLC won approval from the Long Island Power Authority to develop the nation’s largest offshore wind farm. The 90-MW South Fork Wind Farm, off Long Island, will have 15 turbines generating enough electricity for 50,000 homes. New York aims to get half its electricity from renewable sources by 2030. [Bloomberg BNA]
  • ExxonMobil has named environmentalist Susan Avery to its board. Avery belongs to the Scientific Advisory Board of the United Nations Secretary General; the National Research Council Global Change Research Program Advisory Committee; and advisory committees with NASA, NOAA, among other positions. [Seeking Alpha]
  • The vast, 10 sq km project in Ramanathapuram, in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, is the world’s largest solar power station in a single location, according to the Adani Group. It has the capacity to power 150,000 homes – and it is considered to be one sign of how serious India is becoming about meeting its renewable energy targets. [The Rakyat Post]

For more news, please visit geoharvey – Daily News about Energy and Climate Change.

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