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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

December 3 Green Energy News

Headline News:

  • SunCommon, a 2012 spinoff of the advocacy group VPIRG, has made its 1000th solar installation in Vermont. SunCommon regularly works with 100 other Vermont companies and says it has created 100 jobs in the state. It also says that the solar installations it has done have saved customers $14 million. []
  • Citigroup says the impact of the China-US climate deal signed earlier this month could total $3.9 trillion. That’s the loss in revenue for Big Oil and Big Coal over the next 15 years from the joint undertaking on greenhouse gas emissions by the world’s two biggest economies. Citigroup analysts suggest thermal coal is on a permanent decline. [CleanTechnica]
  • One in five Australian households has installed domestic solar energy systems, data released today by the Australian Bureau of Statistics shows. Solar Citizens national director Claire O’Rourke said most of the households were on lower and middle incomes, and that they were using solar as a way to reduce power costs. []
  • Some Republicans in the US House of Representatives are championing a short-term, $44.7 billion package that would extend tax breaks for wind power, biofuels and mine safety equipment that expired at the end of 2013 or earlier this year, through the end of this month. A vote is expected on 4 December. [Argus Media]
  • Americans filed more than 8 million comments in favor of the EPA’s plans to limit carbon pollution from new and existing power plants, the most ever received by the agency. According to a recent survey, 7 in 10 Americans view climate change as a serious problem and support federal action to reduce greenhouse gases. [EcoWatch]

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