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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

October 26 Green Energy News


  • According to data published by the China Coal Resource, China’s coal use has dropped this year by 1.28%, a downward trend started in the second quarter of 2014 and continued in the third. This, despite the fact that electricity consumption has actually increased by 4% over the year to date. [CleanTechnica]
  • In Germany, the tiny village of Feldheim is at the renewable energy movement’s vanguard. The hamlet was Germany’s first to leave the national grid, using 100% local, alternative energy. It has an excess of electricity from wind and solar, which it sells, and uses methane from a bio-digester for heat. [The]
  • Australian Industry Minister Ian Macfarlane says the government hasn’t walked away from a 20% renewable energy target, but a drop in power consumption has required a “recalibration”. The government wants to adjust the RET to a “real 20%”, in effect slashing it from 41,000 GWh to about 27,000 GWh. [Yahoo!7 News]
  • Korea’s Ulleung Island, with a population of 10,000, will be energy independent through using renewable energy sources from 2020, according to its governor. The governor took Samsø Island in Denmark as an example. In Samsø, 100% of the electricity comes from wind power. [Korea Times]
  • In India, Rajasthan-based solar EPC firm Rays Power Experts plans to invest Rs 200 crore ($327 million) for developing independent solar power parks across the country and eyes Rs 1,000 crore ($1.635 billion) by FY ’16. The company expects to have 400 MW of operational capacity by FY ’16. [Economic Times]
  • Solar Impulse representatives have arrived in Abu Dhabi to meet with local authorities in preparation for the plane’s arrival in January. The plane’s historic flight around the world, entirely on solar power, is scheduled to take off from Abu Dhabi next March. Pilots of the Solar Impulse 2 will conduct test flights in the meantime. [Emirates 24/7]
  • The intensified demand for electricity from renewable sources has kick-started the hydropower development into a new era: An unprecedented number of dams for electricity production is currently under construction or planned worldwide. However, the boom will affect some of the most important sites for freshwater biodiversity. [AZoCleantech]


  • OneEnergy Renewables and Constellation announced the development of a 4.3 MW solar electric project on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. The is part of an electricity supply agreement between Constellation and the National Aquarium, which will receive about 40% of its power from the project. [AZoCleantech]
  • DTE Biomass Energy today celebrated the completion of its 9.6-MW landfill gas-to-energy project at a landfill, which is owned and operated by Republic Services of North Carolina. Landfill gas at the site is used to generate renewable energy which is subsequently sold to Duke Energy Progress. [AZoCleantech]
  • Increasing numbers of Michigan homeowners are making an investment in renewable energy, especially as prices for the equipment come down and their electricity bills edge up, according to utility companies and solar proponents. Many want to act before the federal tax credit expires in 2016. [Detroit Free Press]

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