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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

October 13 Green Energy News

Science and Technology:

  • Employing a high-tech approach, Electricity Exchange is one of the first companies in Ireland to develop a virtual power plant to offer reserve power to the national grid. The company is one of the first in Ireland to develop such a power plant,  which uses a cluster of back up generators to offer reserve power to the national grid. [Irish Examiner]


  • A new decree for the development of wind energy was recently issued by the Ukrainian government. The ambitious new goals called for by the decree include increasing the wind energy capacity of the country up to 2.28 GW by the year 2020 — which represents a 500% increase on the current figure of 410 MW. [CleanTechnica]
  • De Aar 3, an 85-MW solar project said to be the largest solar farm in South Africa using thin-film modules, has been completed. The project, undertaken by Solar Capital De Aar, uses over 200,000 amorphous silicon thin-film modules manufactured by a Moncada subsidiary in Italy. [PV-Tech]
  • India’s goal of providing 24/7 power to all can be solved within 18 months by commissioning 10,000 MW of capacity that is stranded for want of clearances, Suresh Prabhu, chairman, Advisory Group for Integrated Development of Power, Coal and Renewable Energy said at an ASSOCHAM event on Monday. [Financial Express]
  • Norwegian energy firm Statnett has been granted a licence to allow it to start working with the UK to build the world’s longest sub-sea cable. The huge cable running under the sea will be able to carry 1,400 megawatts of electricity and is scheduled to be operational by 2020. [The]
  • Renewables can meet sub-Saharan Africa’s energy needs by 2040 if the region can unlock its potential, the International Energy Agency has said. The influential agency predicts energy demand will grow by around 80% across the region as the economy quadruples in size over the next 25 years. [Business Green]
  • There have been several instances in recent months when wind energy has accounted for all, or nearly all, electricity demand in South Australia. Last Tuesday, however, set a new benchmark – the combination of wind energy and rooftop solar provided more than 100% of the state’s electricity needs, for a whole working day between 9:30am and 6pm. [CleanTechnica]
  • French companies Alstom and DCNS signed a partnership agreement to develop floating wind technology with commercialization targeted for 2017. Under the ‘Sea Reed’ tie-up the duo will develop a 6-MW unit featuring a semi-submersible floating system developed by DCNS and Alstom’s Haliade 150 offshore turbine. [reNews]
  • Independent energy supplier Ecotricity is among companies and organisations considering a legal challenge against the European commission decision to give approval to Hinkley Point C nuclear plant. Austria has already promised to fight the decision in the European court of justice. [Business Green]
  • The Scottish energy minister has lashed out at the UK government’s support for nuclear power, arguing it is harming investment in renewable energy projects. He said projects like the offshore wind projects recently approved were not receiving enough financial support from the government in Westminster. []


  • North Carolina’s recent renewable energy boom has been driven mostly by solar, according to a new report from The Pew Charitable Trusts. To be exact, the state saw its solar energy capacity grow by 335 MW in 2013 — making it the 3rd-fastest-growing state in the US with regard to renewable energy capacity. [CleanTechnica]
  • A technical assistance grant recently awarded by the state Department of Energy Resources is allowing the town of Amherst and UMass-Amherst to receive expert advice at no cost on whether to expand the campus’ “micro grid” and install renewable energy systems at campus and town facilities to enhance energy resiliency in the event of future power outages and major weather events. [Wicked Local Waltham]

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