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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

October 1 Green Energy News


  • “Why Local Energy Ownership Matters” Solar and wind projects can mean big bucks for communities – but only if they keep them local! The number of jobs and economic returns for communities are substantially higher when electricity generation from wind and sun can be captured by local hands. [CleanTechnica]
  • “How a Top Liberal State Is Creating an Electricity Market That Conservatives Should Love” Imagine an electricity market that gives small businesses and consumers the same ability to compete and make money that utilities have always had. The market simply prioritizes consumer-side distributed energy. [Energy Collective]

Science and Technology:

  • The record-setting heat wave in Australia last year was “largely attributable” to human-caused climate change, according to a synthesis report released Monday. Heat waves in Japan, Korea, China and Europe were also “substantially influenced” by global warming, the report found. [Huffington Post]
  •  Synthetically produced hydrogen can store huge amounts of power. Germany will require about 30 TWh of storage capacity, when the nation is 100% renewably powered. Existing gas infrastructure can store up to 200 TWh in gas generated. Wind plants with the ability to store energy as hydrogen are already starting up. [Business Spectator]


  • Malmö, in southern Sweden, is the third largest city in the country. Various neighborhoods throughout the city are transforming from brownfield industrial sites into eco-friendly enclaves through the use of renewable energy, energy efficiency, green building and alternative transportation. []
  • A floating power station using the solar energy stored in Grand Cayman’s warm tropical waters could provide the first firm renewable energy supply capable of replacing diesel generators on the island. The project would be the world’s first commercial power plant using ocean thermal energy conversion. [Cayman Compass]
  • Samsung Renewable Energy and Pattern Energy Group LP signed a 20-year power purchase agreement with the Ontario Power Authority for the 100 MW Belle River Wind project in Ontario. They will jointly develop, own, and operate the project, which will be built in Lakeshore, Ontario. [PennEnergy]
  • Michael Renner, senior researcher with Worldwatch Institute writes that nuclear energy’s share of global power production has declined steadily from a peak of 17.6% in 1996 to 10.8% in 2013. Renewables increased their share from 18.7% in 2000 to 22.7% in 2012. [Domestic Fuel]


  • Six new pro-EV bills were recently signed into law in California by Governor Jerry Brown. The new efforts to promote the use of electric vehicles include increase in direct incentives, measures to improve the ease of ownership, and the granting of special access to the state’s ubiquitous carpool lanes for EV owners. [CleanTechnica]
  • A long-term plan to eliminate dependence on fossil fuels in Vermont’s capital of Montpelier is getting a boost from two new projects: one to install more solar panels at an insurance company and another to meet more heating needs with a new biomass heating facility. []
  • California Governor Jerry Brown has signed an Environmental Defense Fund-sponsored bill that accelerates the use of demand response, a voluntary, cost-effective tool that relies on people and technology, not polluting, water-intensive power plants, to meet the state’s rising electricity needs. [RenewablesBiz]
  • The city of Lowell, Massachusetts has signed a contract through which Hampshire Power will supply electricity to about 31,000 residential and 4,200 commercial ratepayers citywide. The deal will provide Lowell ratepayers with renewable power at a rate that is 33% lower than the default grid power. [GazetteNET]
  • The US DOE has drafted a federal loan guarantee opportunity that, if it goes into effect, could help provide $12.6 billion for nuclear power projects. The program would be available for advanced reactors, small modular reactors, uprates, plant upgrades, and fuel cycle projects. [Nuclear Street – Nuclear Power Portal]

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