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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

August 13 Green Energy News


  • Opponents of wind and solar power decry their intermittent nature. In the U.K. this week the tables have temporarily turned as wind power is replacing power lost when four nuclear plants unexpectedly had to be taken offline. [ThinkProgress]
  • Germany’s renewables did it again, a new record! Renewable energy produced about 81 TWh, or 31% of the nation’s electricity for the first half of 2014. Solar, wind, and biomass all increased from the first half of last year, while Coal, gas, and nuclear all declined. [CleanTechnica]
  • According to figures from the Council of European Energy Regulators, Germany has one of the most secure grids in Europe. It is also more secure than it was before the country’s move to renewables began. Customers experienced an average of under 16 minutes of outage per year. [CleanTechnica]
  • The river Avon could provide clean and reliable heating for hundreds of homes and businesses across Bristol. The Avon could accommodate heat pumps with the capacity to generate more than 1 MW of power – enough to provide heating and hot water for up to 500 homes. [Bristol Post]
  • Privatisation of  the Australian Broadcasting Corp could be an ultimate blow to Australia’s clean energy policies if it pushes through. The county’s fossil fuels think tank highly recommends the public broadcaster to be silenced by transferring its management to the private sector. [Asian Correspondent]
  • The International Union of Architects has unanimously adopted a declaration committing to the phasing out of carbon dioxide emissions in the built environment by 2050, presented to it by Australian Institute of Architects chief executive David Parken. []
  • Iberdrola has begun construction work on the Pier II wind farm, with an installed capacity of 66 MW, in Mexico. Located in the municipality of Esperanza, the Pier II wind farm will feature 33 Gamesa G97 wind turbines, each with 2 MW capacity. [Energy Business Review]
  • Brazilian project developers have offered for auction electricity from 1,034 projects with a total capacity of almost 26,300 MW. These include 626 wind energy projects with total capacity of about 15,350 MW, 400 solar power projects with total capacity of 10,790 MW, and others. [CleanTechnica]


  • Green Mountain Power broke ground in Rutland Tuesday on a new $10 million solar project that the utility says will not only generate clean energy, but also provide emergency back up power to parts of the city when needed. [Vermont Public Radio]
  • Ecotech Institute’s Clean Jobs Index found more than two million job postings in the green energy sector in quarters one and two of 2014 alone. This is almost an 88% increase from the first and second quarters in 2013. [Utility Products]
  • Many retiring nuclear and coal power plants may not need to be replaced on a megawatt-to-megawatt basis, according to a new report. This results from new technologies and distributed generation that improve energy efficiency, along with soft demand growth. [Renew Grid]
  • Interior Secretary Sally Jewell announced that the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management has defined three Wind Energy Areas offshore North Carolina, which total approximately 307,590 acres, for potential commercial wind energy development. [The Maritime Executive]

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