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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

July 13 Green Energy News


  • A geothermal project valued at $958 million was approved by the Costa Rican Legislative Assembly last week. Over $600 million of the total will potentially be funded by two sources: the Japanese International Cooperation Agency and European Investment Bank. [CleanTechnica]
  • Singapore-based wind and solar energy developer The Blue Circle and Bangkok-based renewable energy group Annex Power will form a partnership to tap into Thailand’s wind energy investments with investments of approximately $200 million. [AsiaOne]
  • Ricky Muir, the lone senator of Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party, has revealed a broad belief in the environment, renewable energy and organic food. The government has been surprised along almost all others. Muir’s votes in the senate may turn out to be pivotal. [Sydney Morning Herald]
  • Work has begun on the first solar farm in Central Bedfordshire. The  five-MW farm is expected to supply enough power for 1500 homes. It will potentially contribute £17,500 for the two parish councils, some of which could help fund domestic solar panel installations. [Luton Today]
  • Indian environmentalists say the new government’s budget shows no real commitment towards the environment and does not allocate enough funds towards promoting renewable energy or public transport and appears to favour corporates over people. [Hindustan Times]
  • According to Ernst & Young’s Power Transactions and Trends report, the increasing role of the private sector in both power generation and water could boost large-scale transactions in Middle East – North Africa in the future. Renewables may be a fertile growth area. [CPI Financial]
  • Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond has awarded £2.2 million to a major industry program to reduce the costs of offshore wind power. The Carbon Trust’s Offshore Wind Accelerator brings major developers together to work on new technology concepts. [Business Green]
  • NTR is lining up a €400m investment in wind energy on the island of Ireland as it seeks to diversify its US-focused power business. The company has just announced its first annual profit since the financial crash in 2008. [Irish Independent]
  • German utility E.ON sees no need for any writedowns as a result of current low power prices, its finance chief was quoted as saying. Solar and wind power have edged out gas-fired power stations, causing an impairment wave in Europe. [Reuters]


  • After a period of explosive growth, the renewable power industry that Arizona helped pioneer is slowing there as utility regulators grapple with how much of a premium energy customers should pay to implement solar and other renewables. [Arizona Republic]
  • SC Johnson, maker of Windex, Pledge, and Ziploc, among other things, says its largest manufacturing plant worldwide generally requires no outside electrical energy to operate. Most of its power comes from landfill methane, and the rest is from the wind and sun. [Journal Times]

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