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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

July 1 Green Energy News


  • ACIL Allen, the modellers hired for the Australian government’s review of the Renewable Energy Target (RET), suggest that the uptake of rooftop solar will be more without the RET because customers would pay higher electricity bills. [CleanTechnica]
  • The next decade and a half will see renewable energy raise its share of European electricity generation capacity from 40% in 2012, to 60% in 2030, while the share of fossil-fuel sources such as coal and gas falls from 48% to 27%, according to Bloomberg New Energy Finance. [Nanowerk]
  • A new report from Bloomberg News Energy Finance has revealed that the electricity generation capacity in the Americas is due for a big boost in the near future. The Americas will add 943 GW of capacity by 2030 – with 522 GW added to the US. [PV-Tech]
  • In Taiwan, in an effort to conserve energy and reduce environmental impact, an Energy Bureau initiative allowing businesses and households to voluntarily purchase “green power” sourced form renewable sources will commence today. [China Post]
  • The United States is helping Chile build a major solar power plant in the Atacama Desert, US President Barack Obama said in his meeting with Chilean President Michelle Bachelet. The $230 million in backing will come from the Overseas Private Investment Corporation. [Jacaranda FM]
  • Canadian Solar Inc. has announced signing a sales contract to supply 12.6 MW of PV modules to Kayseri Organized Industry Zone and a consortium of companies in the zone, for a solar power project located in Kayseri, Turkey. [Your Renewable News]
  • Bertrand Piccard, a Swiss psychiatrist-turned-adventurer who circumnavigated the globe in a hot air balloon, now wants to become the first to do it in a solar-powered aircraft. He believes Solar Impulse 2 can promote renewables over nuclear and fossil fuels. [The Japan Times]


  • New York’s cities and towns can block hydraulic fracturing within their borders, the state’s highest court ruled, dealing a blow to an industry awaiting Governor Andrew Cuomo’s decision on whether to lift a six-year-old statewide moratorium. [Bloomberg]
  • Governor Pat Quinn today signed legislation to promote the purchase of solar-produced electricity in Illinois. The law requires that a special existing fund be used to purchase solar power and emphasizes the development of distributed solar generation. [RenewablesBiz]
  • Several research studies have shown that renewable energy could wind up saving US consumers tens of billions of dollars. Two of them found that $26.7 billion a year could be saved in the Midwest and Rocky Mountain states. [CleanTechnica]
  • The city of Burlington, Vermont now owns a full half of the second-largest power plant in the state. The city just completed payments on a 30-year bond for its stake in the 50 megawatt McNeil generating station, which burns wood chips to generate electricity. [Vermont Public Radio]
  • As a result of ongoing drought, each of the Hoover Dam’s 17 generating units with a nameplate capacity of 2,074 megawatts was derated in June; the current capacity is 1,592 MW and is projected to decline later this year. [Environment & Energy Publishing]

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