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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

June 8 Green Energy News


  • “An inconvenient truth: US proposed emission cuts too little too late” The maths accompanying obligations to “avoid dangerous climate change” demand fundamental change rather than rousing rhetoric and incremental action. [Resilience]
  • “EPA proposal could spark growth, too” The Environmental Protection Agency’s proposal to cut greenhouse gas emissions at power plants could cause headaches for some, but could lead to opportunities for companies working in the latest technology. [Crain’s Cleveland Business]


  • The energy-starved Indian state of Karnataka plans to install 2,000 MW of solar over the next seven to eight years through public-private partnership, as the state is blessed with about 300 days of good solar radiation in a year. []
  • UK generation of offshore wind power is expected to more than triple in the next six years, increasing from around 4% of the UK’s total electricity generation to 13%, according to a new report released in Glasgow this week. [Herald Scotland]
  • The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development announced it will provide Romania with a loan worth €57 million ($78 million) to fund its eighth wind power project in the country, an 84 MW plant with 42 wind turbines. [Business Review]


  • The average fuel economy for new vehicles hit a record high in May of 25.6 miles-per-gallon, a 0.4 mpg rise from April. Vehicle fuel efficiency has increased 5.5 mpg since October of 2007, when the Institute began monitoring fuel economy. [Energy Collective]
  • Big plans of three years ago for a BP ethanol plant in Highlands County, Florida were called off. Now after that huge false start, the biofuels industry may yet impact Highlands County and the Heartland as Southeast Renewable Fuels plans a plant to open in 2015. [Highlands Today]
  • Already the No. 1 windpower state, Texas is on pace to increase wind capacity by about 70% within two years. Between that and new natural gas capacity, several energy analysts expect Texas to meet the EPA’s proposed goal of cutting CO2 emissions 39% by 2030. [Fort Worth Star Telegram]
  • Even after the twin domes along I-5 are gone and the San Onofre nuclear plant is mostly a memory, fuel rods hot with radioactivity will remain behind in rows of tomb-like casks – perhaps for decades. [OCRegister]

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