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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

June 6 Green Energy News


  • “Climate action is good for New Hampshire” The new EPA draft standards on carbon dioxide pollution provide an opportunity for New Hampshire businesses and investors to continue to innovate and build a clean energy economy. [Foster’s Daily Democrat]

Science and Technology:

  • A team of scientist from the University of Florida developed electrical cables that are augmented with nanotechnology, giving these cables the ability to transmit and store electricity in a single, lightweight copper wire. [Hydrogen Fuel News]


  • Global oil prices—which, at the current $90 to $110 per barrel range, are at historically high levels—are nevertheless too low to justify tackling ever-more challenging geology. The industry needs an oil price of at least $120 per barrel to fund exploration in many places. [Resilience]
  • The Chinese government has established ambitious targets of 5,000 MW of offshore wind power installed by 2015 and 30,000 megawatts by 2030. They are teaming with the British Embassy in Beijing to investigate ways a China offshore wind plan could scale up quickly. [CleanTechnica]
  • The Indian government is aggressively accelerating the solar energy program, and aiming for four giant plants of 1,000 MW each. It also wants to bundle solar and conventional power to make renewable energy more affordable. [Economic Times]
  • Since time immemorial the home of the Dokis People has been on the shores of the French River in Ontario. Today, with private partner Hydromega, the Dokis Nation is tapping into the hydroelectricity potential of the river to power the local economy and drive job creation. [The Sudbury Star]
  • Brazil is banking that a drop in prices and interest from foreign companies will boost the amount of energy it’s able to generate from the sun. The country will hold an auction tender focusing on solar, wind and biomass energy, the first national auction with a solar category. [Businessweek]
  • At a summit of the G7 club of wealthy nations in Brussels, the US pledged to work with its European allies to end its energy dependency on Russia, in the hope of preventing the Kremlin from using oil and gas as tools of political influence. The West has said all this before. [TIME]


  • Jameel McCline, US House candidate in Florida Congressional District 20′s August 26 Democratic primary, is calling for congressional action to stop individual states from preventing the expansion of solar-electric power. [EIN News]
  • The Illinois General Assembly passed a House Bill which unlocks $30 million of roughly $54 million in existing state funds for investment in new renewable generation. The $30 million is anticipated to be targeted at distributed solar generation. [The National Law Review]
  • In Kwigillingok, Alaska, five remanufactured 95-kW Windmatic turbines not only offset the burning of diesel for Kwig Power Co., they also heat homes when the wind blows hard, as it often does in the flat, treeless region. []
  • Maine’s Department of Environmental Protection issued a draft order approving an eight-turbine, 22.8 MW Canton Mountain wind project proposed by Patriot Renewables. A final determination by the end of this summer. [reNews]
  • General Motors announced today a $24-million investment in electrical generation equipment that will allow the company to use more landfill gas at its Fort Wayne, Ind., and Orion, Mich., assembly plants, generating more than 14 MW. [Inside Indiana Business]


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