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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

May 26 Green Energy News

Science and Technology:

  • As mobile tech-savvy people are looking for reliable public places to recharge electronic devices, a few innovative companies are finding ways to offer renewable, free solar energy charging stations for community use. [Triple Pundit]
  • Close to half of the food that the world produces goes to waste, whether it’s on the farm, at the production or packaging plant, or from the dinner plate. A company in Israel has stepped up to the plate in America, aiming to transform food waste to biofuel. [ISRAEL21c]


  • GE Power Conversion is currently in the process of testing out new tidal turbine generators and “other underwater technology in turbines standing on the sea floor near the Orkneys in Scotland and at Ramsey Sound in Pembrokeshire, Wales.” [CleanTechnica]
  • A Bloomberg report warns it would cost Australia billions of dollars and thousands of jobs if the Abbott government chooses to scrap the country’s renewable energy target. An expert panel is currently reviewing Australia’s goal of 20% renewable power by 2020. [International Business Times AU]
  • It was, perhaps, a mirror image of the perfect storm: An abundance of sunshine and wind in Germany on May 11 stimulated solar and wind energy generators to the point where the price of electricity cost literally less than nothing for about an hour. []
  • Billionaire investor Alex Waislitz has launched an unprecedented attack on Australia’s federal government for its budget changes affecting the biodiesel industry, claiming it will prompt investors to reassess companies relying on government promises enshrined in law. [Business Spectator]
  • In another potential blow to Australia’s magnificently expensive seven liquified natural gas (LNG) projects, Citigroup has released a research report forecasting a “slump” in Japanese LNG demand from 2015. [MacroBusiness]
  • Western Australia’s solar households and businesses are generating as much power together as a major traditional power plant. As growth is solar PVs may continue, the State Government now says a new power station may not be needed in the state until 2029. [Energy Matters]
  • RWE’s CEO says the company should start to see an improvement in its fortunes in two years as power prices rebound and Germany reforms its electricity market in ways that will benefit traditional energy suppliers. [Financial Times]


  • Lawsuits filed in Illinois by Farmers Insurance claim the City of Chicago, the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District, and other municiaplities knew their stormwater infrastructure was insufficient to deal with extreme precipitation brought on in part by climate change. [Energy Collective]
  • Just two weeks after the US Navy announced a major research partnership to ramp up its solar power and other clean energy programs, Barclays has warned that the solar market is likely to “disrupt the status quo” for the electric utility industry sooner rather than later. [CleanTechnica]
  • In South Carolina, Black state legislators have been instrumental in passage through both the state House of Representatives and Senate of new legislation enabling The Palmetto State to become a more active participant in the renewable energy sector. [Politic365]


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