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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

April 28 Green Energy News


  • “Communicating The Renewable Energy Revolution” Clean energy is not just about cleaning our air, preserving our water supplies and helping to protect our climate; it is also about democratizing the energy sector. [CleanTechnica]

Science and Technology:

  • What’s The Greenest Car When You Take Fuel Sources Into Account? The better the fuel economy of a petrol car, the lower its emissions. For the electric car, the major difference is the source of electricity. The lowest emissions is the electric car using solar electricity. [CleanTechnica]
  • An El Niño appears increasingly likely this year, according to NOAA. If it starts relatively quickly, then 2014 could well be the hottest year on record, but if it is a strong El Niño, as many currently expect, then 2015 would likely break all previous global records. [Energy Collective]


  • El Hierro, in the Canary Islands, is the first island to get 100% of its electricity by combining wind and pumped storage. Surplus power from the wind turbines will be used to pump water from one reservoir near the harbour to another 700 metres above sea level. [New Vision]
  • The chairman of Australia’s Climate Change Authority says he is “sick and disappointed” by the rhetoric surrounding renewable energy and the effective stranding of the country’s renewable energy industry by the Tony Abbott Coalition government. [RenewEconomy]
  • China’s chief negotiator on climate change says, the pollution visible each day outside his windows is forcing China to change regardless of what the outside world wants. Fossil fuels, mostly coal, still make up nearly 70% of its power generating capacity. [Financial Times]
  • The EU Commission’s 2030 renewable energy target is weak and more ambitious goals should be set, according to Christian Haellmigk, an energy law expert at international law firm CMS Hasche Sigle. [Turkish Press]
  • Due to the power crisis in many states in India, many local governments are installing rooftop PV systems. These projects will benefit the local communities and also help the country to stabilize its electrical grid. [Solar Novus Today]
  • A poll in Taiwan says 90.7% of the public believes that climate change is currently underway and 65.3% believe the government does not pay it enough attention. As many as 85.4% feel that government efforts to reduce carbon emissions have been insufficient. [China Post]
  • In Australia, up to $4 billion worth of gas-fired power stations are in danger of being “stranded” as gas prices explode and the renewable energy target pushes extra generation into a grid already oversupplied with excess power, a new report has found. [The Australian]
  • Officials in Taiwan say all construction will be halted at the island’s fourth nuclear power plant outside the capital, Taipei, after tens of thousands of anti-nuclear protesters marched through the city to demand the move. [Malaysia Sun]


  • The world’s largest environmental prize has been awarded to a lawyer who helps organize community-level fracking bans. Helen Slottje has won the Goldman Prize. Slottje has helped enact fracking bans in 172 communities across New York in the last five years. [Capital New York]
  • In Maine, York Middle School, which currently serves as the town’s emergency shelter, could be the pilot site for a series of solar-powered emergency shelters in the state, under plans being devised by the York Energy Efficiency Committee.[]

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