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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

April 11 Green Energy News


  • When nuclear reactors went offline after the Fukushima Disaster, Japan managed to replace half the missing capacity through energy efficiency and conservation measures that still endure, three years later. [ThinkProgress]
  • The UK Conservative manifesto will be putting focus on solar and offshore wind as it blocks any further spread of turbines on land. The Royal Academy of Engineering has warned government that this will lead to an increase in household energy bills. [H&V News]
  • Tynwald [The Manx legislature] voted overwhelmingly for a strategy on offshore energy production that could see wind farms developed in Manx territorial waters. The Council of Ministers’ report suggests that each wind farm could earn government £5 million a year. [Isle of Man Today]
  • The future for small-scale renewable power projects has been thrown into doubt by changes to European state aid rules, industry leaders have claimed. The European Commission changed its guidance on state aid for renewable energy. []
  • Lord Nicholas Stern, author of a landmark 2006 study on climate change, says his conclusion that global output could dive 5% to 20% without action to curb greenhouse gases was an underestimate. [Sydney Morning Herald]
  • A large renewable energy tidal array could be built off Alderney by 2020. OpenHydro and Alderney Renewable Energy have announced a joint venture to develop a 300 MW array, made up of 150 turbines. The array would produce power more than 150,000 homes. [BBC News]
  • The UK has successfully lobbied to have an article containing the phrase, “the measure should in principle not reward investments in generation from fossil fuel plants,” removed from the new EU state aid guidelines. [Solar Power Portal]


  • These days, Ikea is assembling more than just furniture. About 150 miles south of Chicago, in Vermilion County, the home goods giant is building a wind farm large enough to ensure that its stores will never have to buy power again. [Chicago Tribune]
  • A study released by the nonprofit Environment California Research & Policy Center ranked more than 50 U.S. cities according to their solar energy capabilities. San Diego ranked No. 2, overshadowed by celebrity neighbor Los Angeles. [U-T San Diego]
  • Kansas moved up to No. 8 among states in the amount of installed wind energy capacity and was No. 6 in the total amount of electricity generated by wind in 2013. Only Iowa and South Dakota produced higher percentages of their power from wind energy than Kansas. [Kansas City Star]
  • Kentucky Governor Beshear announced funding for an environmentally-friendly methane gas recovery system in the city of Glasgow that will also save taxpayer dollars. The new system will capture gas from the Glasgow Regional Landfill and turn it into electricity. [RenewablesBiz]

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