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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

April 7 Green Energy News


  • “Exxon’s Climate Response ‘Consummate Arrogance’” After ExxonMobil’s uncharacteristically public response to shareholder requests for information about the company’s climate change mitigation efforts, climate activist Bill McKibben denounced its report as arrogant provocations.[Energy Collective]


  • Nations are running out of time to cut their use of fossil fuels and stay below agreed limits on global warming, according to a draft UN study to be approved this week. Temperatures have already risen by about 0.8° since 1900 and are set to go past 2° in coming decades. [Business Spectator]
  • Scottish ministers have accused Westminster of failing to guarantee the UK’s future energy needs, warning of the “highest blackout risk in a generation”. They say the UK government must prioritize supply security as the gap between electricity supply and demand tightens. [Evening Telegraph]
  • Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s government stopped short of setting goals for renewable energy in the final version of a draft plan that reinforces atomic power’s role in Japan’s energy future, calling it a vital source of generation.[Bloomberg]
  • The UN will this week bend to intense pressure from Berlin and relax planned curbs on subsidies for clean energy, clearing the way for the German government to pass a crucial renewables law. [Financial Times]
  • Israel’s power grid will receive a boost this week, as 11 new solar power plants go online in the Negev and Arava. Arava Power’s six new fields will generate a total of approximately 36 MW worth of electricity, while the five belonging to EDF-EN will produce 32 MW. [Jerusalem Post]
  • The new solar strategy from the UK’s Department of Energy & Climate Change envisions building a vast distributed network of “solar hubs” on buildings and brownfield sites. Unfortunately, it additionally envisions building new nuclear power plants. [CleanTechnica]
  • The German energy industry association, BDEW, says that 43% or 32 of the power plants planned for construction in Germany may never come to fruition, due to lack of economic viability caused by competition from renewables and lack of clarity on future markets. [Power Engineering International]


  • In many parts of the U.S., wind energy is now the cheapest form of electricity generation – cheaper than natural gas and even coal, NextEra chief financial office Moray P. Dewhurst recently stated on an earnings call. [Triple Pundit]
  • The $14 billion wind industry, the world’s second-largest buyer of wind turbines, is reeling from a double blow – cheap natural gas from hydraulic fracturing and the termination of federal subsidies that made wind the most competitive renewable energy source in the US. [Bloomberg]

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