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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

April 2 Green Energy News


  • “Which Costs More? Transmission Lines for 10x More Renewable Energy, or Pipelines for 2x More Natural Gas” Two recent reports show long-distance gas pipeline infrastructure will cost more than the transmission investment needed for achieving 80% renewable electricity. [The Equation: Blog of the Union of Concerned Scientists]

Science and Technology:

  • Researchers at the USC Viterbi School of Engineering have improved the performance and capacity of lithium batteries by developing better-performing, cheaper materials for use in anodes and cathodes (negative and positive electrodes, respectively). [Science Daily]


  • New research from the Center for Economics and Business Research and RenewableUK has found what many had already deciphered, that the presence of wind farms has “no significant effect” on the price of houses within 5 kilometers of wind turbines. [CleanTechnica]
  • New figured published by the UK DECC have shown that renewable energy is becoming more important for national energy production, with wind energy generation up 40% and coal and gas production and generation both decreasing over the 2013 period when compared to 2012. [CleanTechnica]
  • West Lindsey District Council has granted planning permission for a 50 MW solar park on the site of a former RAF base in Lincolnshire. When completed, the project is anticipated to share the title of the largest solar farm development in the UK. [Solar Power Portal]
  • Germany’s regional states succeeded in watering down the federal government’s plans for cuts in future wind energy projects in conjunction with a landmark renewable energy law reform, Economy Minister Sigmar Gabriel and state leaders said on Tuesday. [Business Spectator]
  • Northern Ireland’s biggest power generator plans to build a huge battery facility that can store energy produced by wind farms. AES, owner of Kilroot and Ballylumford power stations, plans to build the 100 MW facility at Kilroot. [BBC News]
  • Environment Minister Barbara Hendricks said Germany should never consider turning to fracking as a solution for its energy needs, despite the success of the technology in the USA. Her comments came ahead of an emergency energy summit. [The]



  • In a letter to the US State Department, members of Environmental Entrepreneurs call on Secretary John Kerry to reject the Keystone XL pipeline. They cite the 35 permanent jobs promised by the project, compared with 78,600 offered by clean energy last year alone. [InvestorIdeas]
  • A credit to help the wind industry could soon be renewed, as lawmakers are expected to take it up this week. The tax breaks are part of a proposal released by Sen. Wyden (D-Oregon), chair of the Senate Finance Committee, and the panel’s top Republican, Sen. Hatch (R-Utah). []
  • Free Flow Power, a Boston-based renewable energy company, would like to build 10 small hydropower stations near existing locks and dams on the Monongahela, Allegheny and Ohio rivers near Pittsburg. The project would power 65,000 homes. [Pittsburgh Post Gazette]
  • In a major new analysis released last week, Citigroup says the big decision-makers within the US power industry are focused on securing low-cost power, fuel diversity and stable cash flows, and this is drawing them to the increasingly attractive economics of solar and wind. [Greentech Media]
  • Vestas announced Tuesday that EDF Renewable Energy ordered 97 of their V100-2.0 MW turbines for wind farms to be built in Texas. The turbines will be capable of generating up to 194 MW of power, or enough to support the electricity demands of 58,200 homes. [Denver Business Journal]
  • In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, states in the Northeast have been putting the weight of government policy and budgets behind microgrids, self-sustaining islands of electric power to keep critical services running in the midst of broader grid blackouts. [Greentech Media]
  • Italian developer Enel Green Power is adding a 17 MW concentrating solar plant to the Stillwater geothermal-PV hybrid plant in Nevada. The parabolic trough system will be added to the 26 MW PV array and 7 MW geothermal system already in place. [reNews]

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