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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

March 15 Green Energy News


  • “How Risky Is It To Invest In Oil Stocks?” Oil — the energy king… of the 20th century. But what about the 21st century? Purely from a financial point of view, would oil stocks be a good way to invest your money? [CleanTechnica]
  • “Putin Can’t Turn Off Europe’s Wind” So said the President of the European Wind Energy Association, Andrew Garrad, in reference to the turmoil in Ukraine, but it really makes a much broader point: wind and solar energy provide better energy security. [CleanTechnica]
  • “ Reacts to Royal Dutch Shell Warning Its Profits Will Be Hit by Climate Change Regulation” In its annual and strategic report for 2013, Royal Dutch Shell warns that its profitability will be hit as governments step up efforts to reduce GHG emissions. [eNews Park Forest]

Science and Technology:

  • Toshiba Corporation announced that it has delivered battery energy storage systems integrating the company’s innovative lithium-ion secondary battery to Kyushu Electric Power, to demonstrate the battery’s utility on remote islands. [Daily Fusion]
  • Scientists at the University of California Berkeley say harnessing energy from the regular movement of large amounts of water could provide cheap electricity and drinking water for coastal communities. [Voice of America]


  • The Alberta energy regulator has suspended the fastest-growing source of bitumen production around Fort McMurray due to concerns about fracturing the region’s cap rock. Five companies, with properties worth billions, have been affected by the freeze. [Resilience]
  • More than three-quarters of Britons say they support offshore wind energy while only 36% say they are in favour of fracking for shale gas, according to the results of a new Government poll. [Click Green]
  • Norway’s prime minister, Erna Solberg, said the Government Pension Fund Global would aim to focus 5% of its investments of 5,000 billion kroner ($800 billion) on renewables investment. Currently, oil and gas accounts for 8.4%. [PV-Tech]


  • To put Austin Energy’s recent deal to buy power from a solar farm into perspective, we can compare its price of just under 5¢ per kWh with costs from other power sources, including wind, natural gas, coal and nuclear. Spoiler: Renewables win. [Treehugger]
  • Ecotech Institute’s Clean Jobs Index, a tool to compare states’ use and development of clean and sustainable energy, found more than 3.5 million job postings in the clean energy sector last year, a 19% increase from 2012. [Windpower Engineering]
  • Residential solar power provider SolarCity®  announced a partnership with Best Buy. The collaboration will make SolarCity’s services available to consumers at about 60 Best Buy stores in Arizona, California, Hawaii, New York and Oregon. [PennEnergy]
  • DTE Energy Services has finished its project to convert a coal-fired power plant at the Port of Stockton to operate on biomass fuel, mostly urban wood waste, tree trimmings and agricultural processes. The plant will generate about 45 MW. [PennEnergy]

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