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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

March 10 Green Energy News


  • “Here’s Why Warren Buffett Is Betting Big on Renewable Energy” Buffett’s team at MidAmerican is not investing in renewables just because they are good for the planet – though I’m sure that does play some role – but because they are profitable. [Motley Fool]

Science and Technology:

  • A decade ago, scientists predicted the specific, unprecedented change in the jet stream that has in fact caused the unprecedented nature of the California drought. Now, they think the actual situation in the next few decades could be even more dire. [Energy Collective]
  • An ill-advised splurge on large dams across the developing world is likely to saddle countries with big debts, according to Oxford university researchers who have found such projects typically cost nearly twice as much as first estimated and rarely finish on time. [Financial Times]
  • A new study, published Sunday in the journal Nature Climate Change, suggests that the amount of increase in global temperature for each ton of carbon dioxide we release into the atmosphere may be higher than had been hoped. [KCET]


  • The threat of economic sanctions over the Ukraine would be more realistic if Europe did not depend so heavily on Russia for its natural gas. 40% of Germany’s natural gas and one third of Europe’s natural gas in general is imported from Russia. [Resilience]
  • In Pakistan, around 24 solar power projects having a cumulative capacity of 793 MW are under different stages of development and will become functional by 2015-16, subject to availability of Grid and tariff. []
  • A new report says that in the coming years, Africa and Asia will gradually overtake Europe as one of the key areas of growth in the production and use of renewable energy technologies. [PC Tech Magazine]
  • Dow Solar, a business of The Dow Chemical Company, has appointed Canadian Energy as the exclusive authorized distributor of Dow Powerhouse™ Solar Shingles in Canada. It is a roof that pays for itself, generating energy savings and increasing overall home value. [SYS-CON Media]
  • Clean energy and low-carbon investors are abandoning Australia as the new Federal government, and its conservative colleagues at state level, turn their interests and policies away from renewables and long-term abatement incentives. [RenewEconomy]
  • Rich silver deposits first lured settlers to Germany’s Freiburg im Breisgau back in the 12th century, but today this quaint city is anything but medieval. Freiburg is a prototype for a clean-energy future that Germany is aggressively pursuing. [Alaska Dispatch]
  • The Australian Energy Market Operator released its latest “Supply Demand” data for February, showing that demand continues to fall way below forecast, despite big revisions in the last few years. Rooftop solar plays a significant role in the change. [RenewEconomy]


  • The Department of Education of Hawaii has partnered with Chevron Energy Solutions to launch a five-year sustainability program. This will include the installation of roughly 100 MW of solar photovoltaics (PV) and 25 MW of wind to power microgrids at schools. []
  • Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders and over twenty other senators will have an overnight session of the Senate’s Climate Action Task Force in what he terms a wake-up call on global warming. The overnight session will take place Monday night through Tuesday morning. [Greenfield Daily Reporter]


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