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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

March 7 Green Energy News


  • “Is BHP talking its book on coal? Or just ignorance.” Faced with the inevitable and irreversible slump in coal demand in western countries, particularly Germany and the US, Big Coal is turning its sights on the emerging world to secure its own future. [RenewEconomy]


  • The latest Bloomberg prediction is that the solar market will grow +20% in 2014. Bloomberg suggests there will be around 44.5 GW installed. That is only a little less than the 46 GW suggested by the Deutsche Bank. [CleanTechnica]
  • Green businesses will drive a third of UK economic growth this year, a UK diplomat has predicted. Bharat Joshi said climate-friendly growth “represents one of the biggest opportunities since the industrial revolution” at an industry conference in Chennai. [Business Green]
  • The UK’s green economy is a “great long-term investment opportunity and it will get better”, Lord Smith of Kelvin, the chairman of the Green Investment Bank, told the National Association of Pension Funds investment conference in Edinburgh. [Herald Scotland]
  • China’s Premier Li Keqiang has declared war on pollution, outlining significant steps the Chinese government will take to improve air quality. China has suffered from truly epic smog over the last two winters. [EconoMonitor]



  • Connecticut Governor Malloy visited Wesleyan University to officially power up the natural gas combined heat and power system that can keep the university’s lights on when utility power goes out during severe weather and other emergencies. [Middletown Press]
  • American wind power topped 4% of the U.S. power grid for the first time last year and has delivered 30% of all new generating capacity for the last five years. In nine states it provided more than 12% and in 17 states, more than 5%. [Windpower Engineering]
  • For 2013, solar PV installations increased 41% from the previous year, reaching 4,751 MW installed, the Solar Energy Association and GTM Research found in a solar market report for 2013. [The9Billion]
  • Hundreds of acres of Maryland farmland that are protected from development at taxpayer expense could be turned into commercial wind or solar energy farms under legislation before the General Assembly. [Baltimore Sun]
  • Iowa, the top state for wind, is edging close to 30%. Last year it got 27% of electricity from wind, followed by South Dakota with 26%. With 5117 megawatts (MW) installed, 1.4 million Iowan homes are supplied by clean energy. []
  • A study by GE Energy Consulting says that with adequate transmission investment, in the PJM Interconnection, up to 30% of their electricity could come from renewable resources, primarily large-scale wind and solar, in 2026 without a detrimental effects. [Environment & Energy Publishing]

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