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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

February 25 Green Energy News


  • “Why You Don’t Need Fossil Fuel to Fight Poverty. (Clean Energy Does it Better.)” The blog of the Council on Foreign Relations’ Energy, Security and Climate, had a thoughtful piece entitled, “Is U.S. Fossil Fuel Policy Keeping Millions Poor?” Here is one response. [National Geographic]


  • Lightsource Renewable Energy has announced that it will create a new commercial rooftop division in order to capitalise on the ‘huge potential’ the company sees in the sector. [Solar Power Portal]
  • Innergex Renewable Energy Inc. has begun commercial operation of the 17.5 MW Northwest Stave River run-of-river hydroelectric facility. The facility is located in British Columbia, Canada . [RenewablesBiz]
  • Ernst and Young reports that the US is still the most attractive place to invest in renewable energy, though China is catching up. Germany is third. Japan has taken fourth place, and the UK fell to fifth, due to government policy uncertainty. [reNews]
  • The WWF says in a new report that the growing demand for renewable energy could put pressure on the supply of critical materials required in the production of renewable energy infrastructure. [Resource Efficient Business]
  • In a closely watched case, Ontario developer Gilead Power has won a court appeal, allowing it to proceed with the 22.5 MW Ostrander Point wind project. Earlier, an Environmental Review Tribunal had revoked the project’s renewable energy approval. [reNews]


  • “The Great Australian Electricity Rip-Off” Nigel Morris says he is not a conspiracy theorist and gives everyone the benefit of the doubt. But, he says, the Australian public is being duped and constantly lied to on a monumental scale about electricity. [Energy Collective]
  • Only 13% of Australians believe the renewable energy target is too high, despite the government reviewing the policy with the aim of reducing its impact on electricity prices. 39% said it was “about right” and 25% thought it was too low. [The Guardian]
  • Wind farms have been shown to have no ill health effects, but the Australian anti-renewables lobby is hard at work saying they do. As fossil fuels continue to burn and pollute, a government witch-hunt has brought renewable energy investment to a halt. [Crikey]


  • The biggest military solar power plant in the US has just been completed at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, a 16.4 MW installation that is expected to save about $500,000 in electricity costs yearly and provide about 35% of the base’s electricity. [CleanTechnica]
  • The Geothermal Energy Association has a new report on geothermal power in California. Most of California’s efforts for clean power have focused on solar energy, but the state has a great deal of geothermal potential that remains largely untapped. [Hydrogen Fuel News]
  • The U.S. Supreme Court heard oral arguments about whether carbon pollution limits will continue, under a Clean Air Act safeguard requiring major stationary source polluters to use available control technology. []


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