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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

February 17 Green Energy News


  • Larger companies from a variety of backgrounds, including ExxonMobil, DuPont, and BP, are seeing the potential in biofuels and are investing in a range of different advanced biofuel technologies. [DailyFinance]
  • Exposure to companies with extensive fossil fuel reserves and companies with high carbon emissions ranks as the top concern among trends in environmental, social and governance issues, driving pension funds to examine the risks and to craft responses. [Pensions & Investments]


  • The Abbott government has appointed a self-professed climate sceptic to head an “extensive” review of Australia’s renewable energy target. Abbott has signalled before Christmas the target could be wound back or the scheme scrapped. [The Guardian]
  • Farmers in the UK are increasingly finding that renewable power production makes their farms financially more viable. Almost 40% of U.K. farmers are investing in renewable energy compared with just 5% in 2010. [Triple Pundit]
  • The European Investment Bank has offered assistance for development of renewable energy projects in Pakistan. The bank is looking forward to Pakistan’s working on wind power projects to meet its rising energy needs, and is also accessing hydropower. []
  • Vietnam considers the development of renewable energy a top priority in its national climate change strategy. Vietnam has begun exploring the potential of its promising bio- gas, wind power, solar power and geothermal electricity resources. [Global Times]
  • E.ON has submitted a planning application to the Scottish Government’s Energy Consents Unit for the Quantans Hill wind farm development. The facility is to be installed with up to 19 turbines that could generate up to 57 MW of electricity. [SmartMeters]


  • Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) has committed to a $25 million (€18.2 million) equity investment in Rennovia, a privately held company which develops catalysts and processes for the production of renewable feedstock-based chemical products. [BioEnergy News]
  • A compromise working its way through the Oregon Legislature could end a longstanding fight over renewable energy mandates, which was about to come to a head at the ballot box in November. [The Register-Guard]
  • U.S. Representative Dave Loebsack (D-IA) introduced legislation that would establish a grant program through the U.S. Department of Agriculture to invest in renewable and alternative fuel infrastructure. [NACS Online]
  • Duke Energy issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) seeking Solar Farm projects of over 20 MW that can be commissioned by December 31, 2015. Innovative Solar Systems already has twelve projects underway, totaling 620 MW, that meet the criteria. [PR Web]


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