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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

January 27 Green Energy News


  • “Community Energy Strategy: the reaction” The UK government has boosted local renewable energy projects with a fund to help communities generate their own power, saving money and cutting carbon. Here is the pick of the reaction to the news … [Blue & Green Tomorrow]


  • The UK Government has new plan to kick-start a community energy revolution. It includes a £10 million scheme to provide neighbourhoods with up to £150,000 each to generate their own renewable energy from wind, solar, or hydro-electric. [Click Green]
  • Large scale wind and solar farm developers will have to offer a “meaningful share” of their projects to UK communities, as part of a major new government strategy designed to boost public ownership of renewable energy. [Business Green]
  • Almost half of Irish electricity demand has been met by wind and other renewables in the past 24 hours. The sector notched a 48.79% share with wind leading the charge on the back of Ireland’s sky-high levels of non-synchronous grid penetration. [reNews]
  • Chinese PV manufacturer ReneSola is supplying 57 MW of modules to Isolux Corsan for installation at three commercial solar projects in the UK. ReneSola said deliveries began in December 2013 and the projects are expected to connect to the grid in March. [reNews]
  • Figures released by Bloomberg New Energy Finance indicate that China installed 12 GW of solar panels in 2013, which sets a new world record for one country in one year and is the equivalent to the total number of panels throughout the entire United States. [Sourceable]
  • Activists, some linked to climate change sceptic groups, say people living near wind farms suffer effects they call ‘wind turbine syndrome’. Though studies have cast doubt on the issue, the anti-renewable Australian prime minister wants to revisit it. [Farm Weekly]
  • Clean energy facility DP Cleantech is to partner with Addis Ababa-based Cambridge Industries to facilitate the rollout of biomass and waste-to-energy projects in Africa. The first project will be a waste-to-energy plant in Ethiopia. [BioEnergy News]
  • Supplies of natural gas were cut off early Saturday when a TransCanada pipeline caught fire and blew up near Otterburne, about 55 km south of Winnipeg. There were no injuries and RCMP said the incident was non-criminal.  []


  • Bonds backing clean-energy and environmental ventures may account for 10% to 20% of the $7 trillion-a-year market for the securities within a decade, according to Citigroup’s head of environmental finance. [Bloomberg]
  • In an effort to meet environmental standards, Ford searched three years to find a lighter replacement for fiberglass. Working with Weyerhaeuser  and Johnson Controls, it has found a solution using  “cellulose reinforced polypropylene.” [DailyFinance]

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