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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

December 31 Green Energy News

New Year

  • “A resolution for 2014 – go 100% renewable!” The only thing slowing us down is the lack of political will. The countries winning the clean energy race all have one thing in common: effective national laws and policies. [The Ecologist]
  • “Top 10 Solar News Stories we’re thankful for in 2013” Solar is getting to be the fastest-growing industry in the US. When the military is getting in on the action, you know something’s going on. [PV Solar report]
  • “Executive Perspectives: The Most Important Trends in Energy Efficiency” Was 2013 the year efficiency got cool, sexy and cheap? Not quite. But it did become cooler, sexier and cheaper than ever before. [Energy Collective]


  • “7 things everyone knows about energy that just ain’t so” The list is  getting longer as the fossil fuel industry (which has little interest in intellectual honesty) continues its skillful manipulation of a gullible and sometimes careless media. [Resilience]


  • People in British Columbia understand that wind power is emissions free. The surprise for most is that wind energy is now the province’s lowest-cost renewable resource for new electricity generation, and experts say the costs will continue to fall. [Vancouver Sun]
  • Data from Ofgem, the UK’s regulator of electricity and gas markets, shows Scotland’s installed solar PV capacity has reached 106 MW – an increase of 28 MW (36%) on the same time in 2012. At the end of 2010 Scotland had just 2 MW of PVs. [Energy Matters]


  • Vestas recently received an order of 150 MW of wind turbines for multiple First Wind projects in the US, enough to power up to 50,000 homes. Around the same time, it received an order for 110 MW worth of wind turbines for another US wind farm. [CleanTechnica]
  • RGS Energy, the commercial and utility division of Real Goods Solar, Inc., has joined forces with Green Lantern Capital to co-develop seven solar projects totaling 4.5 MW in Vermont. The company expects to complete construction by November, 2014. [MarketWatch]
  • An anaerobic digestion (AD) system has begun operations in Akron, Ohio. The project can now accommodate 100% of the biosolid waste stream and  is expected to generate 10,000 MWh of electricity annually. [Biomass Magazine]
  • EDF Renewable Energy has begun operations of two biomass power plants in South Carolina, a 17.8 MW plant in Allendale County and a 17.8 MW facility in Dorchester County. [Biomass Magazine]
  • The controversial production tax credit given to wind-energy developers expires with 2013 ending. But the controversy won’t disappear with the new year, spawning instead new discussions about potential compromises over the federal subsidy pie. [Christian Science Monitor]

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