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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

December 26 Green Energy News


  • “Despite New Obstacles, Germans Still Aim for Future Without Nukes or Fossil Fuels” One of Germany’s greatest resources is neither economic nor a traditional energy source—rather, it is a remarkable consensus on leaving nuclear and fossil fuels. [Kitsap Sun]
  • “Fossil fuel’s ‘double whammy’ to wildlife” The direct impacts of fossil fuel extraction included noise disturbance, pollution, destruction and fragmentation – splitting up forests or landscapes into fragments too small to sustain wildlife populations. [The Almagest]


  • The Italian Government approved theDestinazione Italia Decree,” which, among other things amends the regulatory framework applicable to renewable energy source plants, giving them a right to sell electricity at an established price. [The National Law Review]
  • In March 2009 just one Synergy solar household customer was registered in Western Australia’s Renewable Energy Buyback Scheme. By November 2013, that had grown to 130,000 households, around 13% of Synergy’s entire customer base. [Energy Matters]
  • A Western Australian renewable energy expert wants the State Government to ensure any shake-up of power bills to recover the cost of Perth’s multibillion-dollar energy grid does not target solar panels. [The West Australian]
  • The European Commission announced today that it would launch a formal in-depth inquiry into the Renewable Energy Sources Act. The official decision will be served on Germany in the near future. [4-traders]


  • The expense of utility-scale batteries has been prohibitive until now, but solar has changed the equation in California. Massive banks of batteries and will store surplus power surplus from solar panels in the afternoon for use in the evening. []
  • Legislation is moving through both houses to tweak the tax code to let clean energy developers form a master limited partnership, or MLP, a type of publicly traded company structure not subject to corporate taxes. [Kitsap Sun]
  • A messy legal dispute has broken out between San Diego Gas & Electric and the owners of a Montana wind farm supplying renewable energy credits to the local utility over disclosure of how dangerous the windmills are to golden eagles and other birds. [U-T San Diego]


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