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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

December 24 Green Energy News


  • “Is Interior’s eagle plan good for the birds?” The kill permits for protected birds have been issued before, and have induced developers to act to reduce avian deaths by retrofitting poles and removing features attracting eagles to the areas. [Environment & Energy Publishing]


  • A “flood” of investment is expected into the Humber region after the Government gave the green light to a £450 million renewable energy project last week. Able UK Marine Energy Park, will create about 4,000 jobs. [Hull Daily Mail]
  • On a confrontation course with Brussels, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has pledged to defend the renewable energy tax (EEG-Umlage) rebate currently benefiting energy-intensive companies in Germany. []
  • A preliminary report from the EU monitor, EurObserv’ER, estimates put the renewable energy share of gross final energy consumption for the EU at 14.4% in 2012, compared to 13.1% in 2011. [Hydrocarbon Processing]
  • A report by the World Economic Forum and Accenture indexes countries on energy. It says that Norway is number one, with seven other European countries plus New Zealand and Colombia in the top ten. The US is at 55th place. [EarthTechling]
  •  Through 2020, the UBS analysts predict negative growth of power demand in Europe and Australia, zero growth in the US, and substantially slower growth in developing countries where new power supplies are being added most rapidly. [Energy Collective]
  • Renewable energy supplier, Good Energy has been granted provisional planning permission for a 49.9-MW solar plant  on a 91.1-hectare site that used to be an RAF airfield but has been disused for 20 years. [Solar Power Portal]


  • The Shumlin administration and Entergy Corp. have reached an agreement that, if all goes according to plan, would see the decommissioning of the Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant decades earlier than originally planned. [Valley News]
  • Reacting to the declining price of wind energy, which is now cheaper than all other forms of energy, Michigan utility DTE altered its renewable energy surcharge downward by 85%, bring the fee down from $3 to 43¢ per month. [AltEnergyMag]
  • S.C. Johnson is meeting its energy goals. Two wind turbines and cogeneration systems make the company’s largest facility, which is the size of 36 football fields, able to generate, on average, 100% of its electrical energy onsite. [Windpower Engineering]
  • A report, from the US DOE’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory and Intertek for 21st Century Power Partnership found that modernising coal pants could make them part of a cleaner energy network, working with renewable sources. [Blue & Green Tomorrow]

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