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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

November 30 Green Energy News

Science and Technology:

  • Continued global warming after CO2 emissions stoppage, a new study by Princeton University researchers, says the carbon dioxide already present in the Earth’s atmosphere will cause continued global warming for decades after emissions stop. [Energy Collective]

Finance and Economics:

  • “Heating Cost Comparison: Oil vs Gas vs Electric Prices” Graphs provide comparisons of costs in the US and the UK. [Energy Collective]


  • The Wilderness Society, and Australian environmental non-profit organization, will shift its focus from protecting wildlife to campaigning against fossil fuel mining, saying fossil fuels are the greatest driver of climate change. [Sky News Australia]
  • Wind generated a record 6004 MW in the UK on November 29, National Grid has confirmed. The average was notched between 2.30pm and 3pm and accounted for 13.5% of total electricity demand at the time. [reNews]
  • A recent GE announcement noted that E.ON Climate & Renewables’ will “PowerUP” 469 of its GE 1.5-77 wind turbines with “Brilliant” technology. The goal is to boost wind turbine output by up to 5%, producing about 20% more profit per wind turbine. [CleanTechnica]
  • In the UK, Labour has unveiled details on how it proposes to reform UK electricity markets it says are “not functioning properly”. The Green Paper sets out 10 key actions, including abolishing Ofgem for a new energy watchdog. [reNews]



  • BrightSource Energy, a US company specializing in solar thermal electricity generation, is about to inaugurate the largest solar power plant ever built. The new plant of Ivanpah will use 170,000 mirrors to concentrate sunlight on three towers. [Environmental Expert]
  • Connecticut is pushing aggressively to expand solar energy to homes across the state. In the past 22 months, 2,160 residential solar systems contracts have been approved. [New Haven Register]
  • Biodiesel producer and marketer Renewable Energy Group announced it has entered into an agreement with Dutch Hill Terminals, a heating oil terminal in New Jersey, to market biodiesel and biodiesel blended heating oil at its Clifton, New Jersey location. [Biofuels International]


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