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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

October 20 Green Energy News


  • “Transformative Solar Energy Storage Policy for California” This week the California Public Utilities Commission will vote on a far-sighted proposal that would require the incumbent  utilities to collectively buy more than 1.3 GW of energy storage by 2020. [Energy Collective]
  • ”Thoughts on the Required Power Storage in California” California utilities will have to invest in at least 1.3 GW of storage. Actually, 1.3 GW of storage is not much problem. A 1 GW storage plant was built in Massachusetts forty years ago and is still making money. [geoharvey]

Science and Technology:

  • A new report from the World Health Organization’s cancer research agency announced the classification of outdoor air pollution and particulate matter (commonly known as soot pollution) as known human carcinogens. [Energy Collective]


  • Sweden now imports about 700,000 tons of garbage per year to help produce electricity and heating for cities such as Helsingborg, a historic coastal hub of about 100,000 people in southwestern Sweden. But is it green to burn garbage? [The Climate Network]
  • Generating electricity from the burning of straw, the 38 MW Sleaford Renewable Energy Plant is one of the very first of its type to be built in the UK. It will generate electricity for 65,000 homes and support employment of up to 80 people when it becomes operational. [Sleaford Today]
  • Leave it to British wits to put to rest any notion that the world’s winter energy woes have been eliminated by the North American natural gas boom. Great Britain’s largest energy supplier, British Gas, announced a 10% price hike just before the cold season. [National Geographic]


  • The Long Island Power Authority has issued a competitive procurement call for up to 280 MW of “on island” renewable energy capacity including offshore wind, solar and fuel cells by 2018, along with a request for 1630 MW for new peaking resources by 2019. [reNews]
  • Microgrids are emerging as a credible threat to the dominance of America’s 100-year-old-plus utility monopoly, possibly making these electricity power transmission lines obsolete. NRG Energy Inc. CEO David Crane calls a “mortal threat” to the industry. [Women Citizen]
  • All Power Labs makes machines that use gasification to turn out carbon-negative energy, with a carbon-rich charcoal by-product that just happens to be an extremely efficient fertilizer. [CNET] (Pictures of the equipment: [CNET])


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