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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

September 14 Green Energy News


  • Citibank has released an interesting report, The Unimaginable: Peak Coal in China – referring to peak demand rather than any supply driven peak. The limit to coal use appears to be how much pollution the Chinese population is willing to tolerate. [Resilience]
  • Tanzania received endorsement from the Climate Investment Fund of an investment plan to scale-up the development of its abundant renewable resources. The plan is designed to shift the country from its increasing dependence on fossil fuels to an energy mix including geothermal and solar resources. [IPPmedia]
  • Solar energy has become so popular in Bangladesh that a total of two million Solar Home Systems and one million Improved Cook Stoves have already been installed in different parts of Bangladesh. It is particularly of great importance in remote areas. [Financial Express Bangladesh]
  • Harvest Power, officially launched its Energy Garden in British Columbia, the largest commercial-scale high solids anaerobic digester in North America. The Energy Garden is located in Richmond, BC and has the capacity to convert 40,000 tonnes of food and yard waste annually into clean energy and compost. []


  • Just when it seemed like the outlook for renewables in California couldn’t get any brighter, the state legislature has passed a bill that will open up access to the 75% of its residents unable to install clean energy on their property. The bill now heads to Governor Jerry Brown for signature into law. [CleanTechnica]
  • Components for the Vestas Wind Systems turbines to be supplied under an agreement announced yesterday with EDF will be manufactured at Vestas plants in Colorado. The agreement covers up to 750 MW of turbines for multiple EDF Renewable Energy US projects beginning construction in 2013. [Denver Post]
  • New York state environmental regulations may force Entergy Corp to shut its Indian Point nuclear power plant by 2018, according to a report by US financial firm Morgan Stanley. They believe New York will require new cooling towers, and the company will close the plant instead of building them. [Reuters]


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