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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

July 29 Green Energy News


  • “Divesting From Fossil Fuels Means A Cleaner, Safer and More Resilient Future” We have ample reserves of fossil fuels, but if we want to stabilize the climate and avoid the most catastrophic effects of climate change, we have to stop investing in extracting, refining and burning them. [Forbes]


  • Renewable energy technology specialists ENER-G, based in Salford, England, have partnered with Fife Council to help power and heat Dunfermline, Scotland, with food and garden waste – using anaerobic digestion. [Manchester Gazette]
  • Delhi could break the 2 GW solar power barrier by 2020 due to plummeting costs, extensive roof space and the rising demand for electricity, according to Greenpeace. [Responding to Climate Change]
  • The European Commission said Saturday it has reached an “amicable solution” with Beijing over imports of Chinese solar panels, a dispute that had threatened a full-blown trade war between two of the world’s largest trading powers. [The News International]
  • A new report from the European Wind Energy Association states the power produced from turbines in deep waters in the North Sea alone could meet the EU’s electricity consumption – four times over. [Energy Matters]


  • Some residents of Grafton, Vermont, say they’re glad they had an opportunity to voice concerns to Governor Peter Shumlin about the possibility of an industrial wind power project being built in their community. [Albany Times Union]
  • Southern California Edison officials believe ratepayers—not shareholders— should pay to maintain the retired San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station. []
  • Entergy determined the false alarms at the Vermont Yankee nuclear plant is that the radiation monitors  were faulty and will replace four of the devices. Spokesman Rob Williams says the manufacturer had experienced problems with that particular “lot” of monitor devices. []



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