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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

July 21 Green Energy News


  • A higher price for oil will have almost no impact on the growth of electricity generation from renewable energy sources in Canada, according to the US Department of Energy. [Energy Digital]
  • According to new Saudi Arabian National Energy Plan, in addition to solar power, Saudi Arabia is looking at using nuclear energy, geothermal energy and wind power to fulfill its ambitious target of producing 54 GW of energy through renewable resources in the next two decades. [Business Standard]


  • American farmers have teamed up with environmentalists and other pro-green energy groups to push legislators to keep the renewable energy mandates. Their voices, some local businesses, and the prospect of new clean energy jobs, have made repeal of the standards difficult. []
  • A third grade class in southern Indiana raised $25,000 from business grants and penny-jar donations for  a wind turbine, and got siting approvals, but utility company policies make the project too expensive, so now the third grade class project and Vectren are in court. []
  • A transmission agreement between the Imperial Irrigation District and the California ISO could create a model for ensuring adequate transmission for renewable energy development at the Salton Sea, which is increasingly seen as critical to funding any plan to save the dying sea. [The Desert Sun]
  • The Desert Renewable Energy Conservation Plan is supposed to identify areas in California deserts most suited to new energy development. The California Wind Energy Association says too little land has been set aside for wind projects and in less than ideal wind-producing areas. [Los Angeles Times]
  • RES America Developments Inc. is working with Xcel Energy to construct the 200 MW Pleasant Valley Wind Farm. The project is near Austin, Minnesota, adjacent to the Grand Meadow wind project owned by Xcel Energy. [AZoBuild]

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