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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

July 13 Green Energy News

Science and Technology:

  • Extreme weather brought about by climate change could make the nation’s critical energy infrastructure vulnerable, according to a US DOE report. Thermal plants, including nuclear, coal, and natural gas, are most threatened. [Houston Business Journal]


  • Plans to build the world’s largest offshore wind farm equipped with 288 turbines have been approved for the Triton Knoll site off the coast of Lincolnshire near Skegness. The £3.6 billion project will generate 1.2 GW of electricity. [Renewable Energy Magazine]
  • Parts of a Japan’s largest floating wind farm are being moved towards waters off Fukushima. A 2 megawatt wind turbine, 30 stories high, left Tokyo, followed by the massive floating substation. Power generation is due to start in October. [New Tang Dynasty Television]
  • Spain’s government plans to slash subsidies for renewable-energy providers and raise electricity bills to reduce pressure on public coffers. The move is expected to produces defaults by solar-power firms and pressure banks. [NASDAQ]


  • Georgia Power must purchase more solar power for its energy system under a plan approved by state utility regulators, a move sought by renewable energy proponents but denounced by a commissioner who argued it could raise costs. [Marietta Daily Journal]

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