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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

July 5 Green Energy News


  • There are fundamental factors at work that ultimately will make fossil fuel subsidies unsustainable worldwide, leading to their decline and allowing other forms of energy to compete more easily. [Forbes]

Science and Technology:

  • The Solar Impulse leaves from Washington on a journey to New York City planned for Saturday, depending on the weather. It will take hours for the journey — top speed is 45 mph (73 kph). It is the last leg of a transcontinental crossing. [Huffington Post]


  • Plans have been submitted to Marine Scotland for a proposed 213-turbine wind farm in the Firth of Tay. The proposed Inch Cape wind farm development  would have installed capacity of more than 1,000 megawatts (MW). [Business7]
  • According to a survey by Nottingham Trent University, Forum for the Future and Farmers Weekly, 40% out of 700 responding farmers are now using renewables, compared to 5% in 2010. Of the others, 61% say they are likely to within five years. [Energy and Environmental Management Magazine]
  • Former French Environment Minister Delphine Batho said her support for a ban on shale drilling and reducing dependence on nuclear power cost her her job. [Businessweek]
  • China expects to resolve a muli-billion dollar solar trade spat with the European Union by next month, a senior Chinese industry official said on Friday, after a newspaper reported that Beijing has made a new offer with EU to settle the dispute. [WA today]


  • The Energy Information Administration has released a new infographic on the history of energy in the US, starting in 1776, showing the rise of coal, hydro, oil, nuclear, and now renewables. []

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