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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

July 3 Green Energy News


  • “Coal’s future dims under Obama’s climate plan” If new EPA standards for existing plants are similar to those that have been proposed for new plants so far, they would likely spell the end of coal-fired generation in the US. [The Age]


  • GE has opened a new wind energy services center in Bahia, Brazil. Its first facility there will enable it to more quickly and efficiently put local expertise to work in meeting the country’s growing demand for advanced wind energy services. [Renewable Energy Magazine]
  • Mongolia’s first wind farm, located deep in the Mongolian Steppe, 70 km. from its capital, Ulaanbaatar, was officially opened by the Mongolian Minister of Energy, Mishig Sonompil. [Renewable Energy Magazine]
  • Electricity saving began Monday in large parts of Japan for the high demand season. For the first time, the government had no specific power-saving targets, as people have become accustomed to conserving electricity, ensuring sufficiency. [SteelGuru]


  • Already having two 20 MW solar farms in North Carolina, Apple is taking on a big photovoltaic project in Nevada to help power a new Reno-area data center. A 137 acre solar array will produce about 43.5 million kWh per year. [EarthTechling]



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