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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

June 17 Green Energy News


  • A report from the Australian Climate Commission says that much of Australia’s coal needs to be left in the ground to avoid disastrous climate change. Big investors are increasingly aware of this, according to a top bank executive. [The Australian Financial Review]
  • Turkey’s Energy Market Regulatory Authority has begun accepting applications f0r 600 MW of solar capacity it will permit. In five days, 496 companies submitted applications for 9000 MW. There are complaints over the 600 MW limit. [Journal of Turkish Weekly]
  • Lithuania’s largest wind farm has been opened at Ciuteliai, 19km east of the Baltic Sea coast. The facility has a capacity of 39.1 MW and is expected to generate 108 GWh of electricity annually, enough for 27,000 households. [Renewable Energy Magazine]


  • A three-decade-old concentrating solar plant in California is selling electricity for 5.57¢ per kWh and making money.[RenewEconomy]

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