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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

June 16 Green Energy News


  • “SuperGrid: A Discussion With Energy Expert Roy Morrison” A “zero polluting and sustainable future  – the high profit center for the 21st century” could happen nationally and globally in as rapid a period as two decades. [Forbes]

Science and Technology:

  • The solar-powered plane has landed in the US capital, Washington, in the penultimate leg of a transcontinental trip to New York City. The plane landed at Dulles International, after an unplanned stop in Cincinnati because of bad weather. [Deutsche Welle]


  • The government of China has made a set of fresh promises to reduce air pollution, prioritizing support for solar. [Firstpost]
  • Kuwait is set to spend $ 100 billion on the nation’s domestic energy sector over the next 5 years – and for the first time, some of that investment is earmarked for renewable energy, ordering 2000 MW of renewable capacity. [Arabian Gazette]


  • Even during a period of recession, growth in renewable and green business has been strong. Just one example of many: between 2005-2011, the green building segment grew 1,700% while the overall US construction industry shrank 17%. [CleanTechnica]
  • In 2007, Massachusetts set a goal of 250 MW of solar electric capacity by 2017. It achieved that goal in May, four years early. The question is, now what? [Fall River Herald News]
  • Cleaner technology and a new business plan make methane generators more attractive to California dairy farmers. The issue is emissions of NOx, which can happen with older technology and are regulated in the state. [Knoxville News Sentinel]
  • MidAmerican Solar, a subsidiary of Warren Buffet-controlled Berkshire Hathaway’s Mid-American Energy Holdings Co. is planning to issue $700 million in secured senior notes to support the $2.7 billion Solar Star project. [Clean Energy Authority]
  • Austin Energy is on the verge of signing two large-scale wind contracts that would satisfy the city-owned utility’s goal of getting 35 percent of its electricity from renewable sources — four years ahead of a 2020 target date. [Austin American-Statesman]



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