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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

June 13 Green Energy News

Not Energy, but Noteworthy:

  • The world quietly reached a milestone in the evolution of the human diet in 2011. For the first time in modern history, world farmed fish production topped beef production. []

Science and Technology:

  • A professor of electrical and computer engineering at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, has proposed a design for a new type of solar panel that can simultaneously generate power from the sun and store reserves for later use. [Renewable Energy Magazine]
  • A wood-boring pest, a bane to the shipping and lumber industries, could prove to be a boon to the cellulosic biofuel industry. The Limnoria quadripunctata, may make enzymes that can be used to breakdown biomass for biofuel. [EcoSeed]


  • German Chancellor Angela Merkel promised to scale back Germany’s generous system of subsidies to the renewables sector if she is re-elected in September, a move that would reduce the costs of her green revolution on consumers. [Business Spectator]
  • “Horrendous” and inconsistent grid connection fees are a major obstacle to major electricity users developing their own renewable projects, according to members of the Major Energy Users’ Council at a recent meeting in London. [Utility Week]
  • Goldman Sachs, the  bank planning as much as 300 billion yen ($3.19 billion) in renewable energy investments in Japan, is eyeing offshore wind power after building up holdings in more established clean energy sources such as solar. [Businessweek]
  • A dramatic drop in the price of solar power technology last year helped the continued growth of renewable energy, according to a UN-backed report. Global renewable capacity rose by 115 GW, compared with 105 the year before. [Post-Bulletin]


  • Two of the Vermont’s smallest electric utilities have surpassed a threshold that no longer compels them to subsidize power generated by renewable energy systems. []
  • American Electric Power is buying more renewables as federal regulators crack down on emissions from coal-fired power plants and states and consumers demand utilities buy more power from renewable sources like wind and solar. [Longview News-Journal]
  • A ruling by a federal court in the Midwest may force California to buy renewable energy from out of state whether it wants to or not, potentially spurring energy development in the desert areas east of the California state line. [KCET]


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