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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

June 5 Green Energy News

Science and Technology:

  • Two processes that turn woody biomass into transportation fuels have the potential to exceed current US Environmental Protection Agency requirements for renewable fuels, according to research published in the Forest Products Journal. []


  • German solar energy plants produced at a world record 22 GW  – equal to 20 nuclear power plants at full capacity – through the midday hours on Friday and Saturday, according to the head of a renewable energy think tank. [Energy Tribune]
  • The wind industry received another boost today with a peer-reviewed paper debunking claims that living near wind turbines can make you sick. The paper is published in the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health. [ABC Online]
  • Mongolia, which is banking on a mining-led investment boom to develop its economy, is aiming to turn itself into a regional renewable energy hub as it tries to fight off the pressures of global warming, according to the country’s president. [The Canberra Times]
  • After years of neglecting renewable energy for atomic power, Japan has been installing solar PVs so furiously that the small nation is quickly becoming the largest solar market in the world. It should have 13.5 to 16.8 GW of capacity by the end of this year. [The Week Magazine]


  • The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management will hold its first lease auction for renewable energy in federal waters. The area, south of Rhode Island and Massachusetts, will be auctioned as two leases, one with a potential for 1,955 MW, and the other for 1,440 MW. [Business Spectator]
  • The Tenaska Imperial Solar Energy Center South has become the Imperial Valley’s first large-scale solar energy facility to deliver power to the Sunrise Powerlink. [SmartMeters]
  • United Airlines has signed a purchase agreement with AltAir Fuels for 15 million gallons of biofuel. The airline said the biofuel will be used on flights leaving its Los Angeles LAX hub in 2014. []
  • Assistant Attorney General Bridget Asay and her legal team asserted the state of Vermont’s authority over the Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant on Tuesday in U.S. District Court. []

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