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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

May 29 Green Energy News


  • Solar power is catching up with wind as the least expensive renewable power source. Vestas charges about $1. 34 per watt for wind, but solar systems from leading manufacturers are down to $0. 70-$0. 80 per watt. [SustainableBusiness. com]
    (Note that though the article does not say so, windpower has a capacity factor of about 0.35, and solar’s is about 0.15. This means that at the prices above, wind is still a little bit less expensive, in terms of the power produced.)


  • The World Bank and the World Energy Council found that renewable energy now constitutes 18% of the world’s power generation mix, according to a recent report. [Electric Light & Power]
  • The same World Bank report says governments and businesses must double or even triple investments in new clean sources of energy, according to a new World Bank report that warns over a billion people still lack access to reliable electricity supplies. [Business Green]
  • The UK is missing out on an opportunity to become the European “market of choice for investment in renewables” as political infighting slows the passage of urgently needed reforms to the energy market, analysts at Ernst & Young have warned. [Business Green]
  • The new study from the University of Texas indicates that Tokyo could use solar PV generation as “baseload” power, due to Japan’s large amount of pumped hydro storage. [solarserver. com]


  • New records in California: On May 23, California reached a new solar generation peak of 1,872 MW. On May 24, California reached a new solar generation peak of 1,897 MW. On May 26, California reached a new wind generation peak of 4258 MW. [KCET]
  • Kansas City plans to install solar panels and equipment on 80 city buildings, which officials expect will make it one of the leading cities in the country for number of buildings with solar electricity. [Wichita Business Journal]

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