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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

May 27 Green Energy News


  • Iceland is the 100th nation to subscribe to wind power. Iceland, which already has 100% renewable power, is researching windpower as an alternative source, and has installed two turbines of 900 kW each. [IceNews]
  • Japan could replace more than a quarter of the base-load power it used to get from nuclear plants with existing rooftop solar, according to a report from University of Texas researchers. [Clean Energy Authority]
  • The chairman of Highland and Islands Enterprise believes the region is on the cusp of a major economic boom fueled by faster broadband connections and renewable energy. [Herald Scotland]
  • Coal India has decided to set up solar power projects across the country, the first of which would come up at Sambalpur in Odisha. This is happening because the country’s coal reserve is not going to last for long. [Daily News & Analysis]


  • Affordable Solar will be offering solar panel leasing to residents in New Mexico in cooperation with Sunnova Energy Corp. For less than the current costs, many in New Mexico will be able to switch to renewable energy. [CleanTechnica]


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