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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

May 17 News

Economics and Finance:

  • Growing signs of climate change may be the reason that more clients of some advisors are interested in portfolios without shares of fossil-fuel companies. [Financial Advisor Magazine]

Science and Technology:

  • Progress is being made on an “artificial leaf,” a photoelectrochemical cell, that can use solar power to generate hydrogen. The hydrogen can then be used as needed to generate power. [CleanTechnica]


  • Community and cooperative renewable power may be the next big thing in Canadian renewable energy. [Huffington Post Canada]
  • Some are working toward 100% renewable power. Some have achieved it. Greensburg, Kansas, with 781 people is 100% already. Rhein-Hunsruck, a German district of 100,000, is nearly there, and plans to go to 236% in 2014. [Forbes]
  • Globeleq, the emerging markets power company, has inaugurated its 44 MW Eolo de Nicaragua S.A. wind farm in Nicaragua. The wind farm is located on the shores of Lake Nicaragua, about 123 km south of Managua. [NEWS.GNOM.ES]
  • Renewable energy companies based in the greater China region have heavy debt burdens. Analysts and investors are increasingly concerned about the risk of default among leading players in the solar power sector. [DesignBuild Source]


  • Some political and business groups that deny the science of climate change are petitioning the Supreme Court to review its 2007 decision, Massachusetts v. EPA, which said the EPA is required to regulate carbon pollution as pollution. [ThinkProgress]
  • General Electric has signed an agreement with Green Waste Energy, a  US-based developer of advanced recycling and energy conversion plants, to supply Jenbacher J620 gas engines to generate clean electricity from waste. [NASDAQ]
  • SolarCity, a solar-energy developer has won financing from Goldman Sachs for more than $500 million in rooftop solar systems that the company will complete this year. [Businessweek]
  • The Green Mountain College Board of Trustees has voted to divest from fossil fuels immediately and establish a process for aligning future investments with social, environmental and governance goals. [The Nation]
  • The US Senate has unanimously confirmed Ernest Moniz, a scientist and professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, to be secretary of energy Thursday. [Washington Post]

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