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Michael Rupert Coming To Town!!!

This is an event you don’t want to miss!

Bring your family, friends, neighbors!


May 16, 2010

Special screening of “Collapse”, with Q&A by Michael Ruppert.
Sunday, May 16, 2010
Woodstock, VT :   7:00pm – Town Hall Theater,  31 The Green

Screening of Collapse, the movie. $10 adults, $5 children.

Join Chelsea Green Publishing for a celebration as we welcome Michael C.
Ruppert, author of Confronting Collapse and star of “Collapse” the movie.
Ruppert’s book and the film based upon it take a hard look at the connections
between energy and money-and the challenges we will face as they run out.

Ruppert will be finishing his four-day, four-town Vermont tour with a
screening of “Collapse” at the Town Hall Theater in Woodstock, VT.

Called “shockingly persuasive” and “unexpectedly moving” by the New York Times, the film has received rave reviews from the LA Times, Variety, Chicago Sun-Times, USA Today, Entertainment Weekly, and many others.

Says Robert Ebert of the Chicago Sun Times, “Above all else see ‘Collapse'”

For more information about the book and the tour, please visit:
To see a trailer of “Collapse” the movie, go to:

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